To inquire about arts-based community care initiatives, art as a therapy, or commissions, please contact.
Naeco Studio can be reached at any of the following:

Phone: (613) 362-5702


Instagram: @naecostudio

*Located in Guelph, Ontario

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4 reviews

I have taken several of Naeco Studio’s workshops and each time is an awesome experience! Jessica is extremely accomodating, engaging, respectful and knowledgeable. Naeco Studio’s creates a safe space for all and I’m looking forward to more workshops in the future!

I have worked with Jessica to organize a workshop with my organization, and completed her workshops as a participant. Throughout the organization/collaboration process, she was wonderful: she was very responsive, organized, and invested in tailoring the workshop to participant needs in her own unique style. Jessica was well-prepared, and delivered an extremely engaging workshop that achieved a perfect balance of guidance and freedom to self-explore. As a participant, every Naeco workshop I have completed was a truly enjoyable and therapeutic experience. Jessica has truly mastered the art of leading workshops (even online!) and every experience I have had with her and Naeco Studio has been incredible!

Hi Hannah,

Thank you so much for this review. I cannot express how much it means for me to read this. I’m glad your experiences through my workshops have been so impactful and I look forward to seeing you at them in the future.

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