Naeco Studio


Utilizing creative modalities as a means of healing, expression, and community.

SERVICES: Arts-based workshop facilitation, art classes, community-care initiatives, photoshoots, art/writing commissions, [student] art psychotherapy services, art hives, art curation and installation, artivism, and collaboration.


Cooper C. PHOTOSHOOT  Jess did a wonderful job taking photos of my family this past fall. She captured our happiness and the playfulness of our daughter in the leaves! Her art is also very unique and incredible detailed. Her knack for talent is not niche as it spans across many art forms. 
Judy W.
Jess’s art activities were top notch – she led us step by step through a wide range of experiences that allowed for deep self-exploration, as promised. In addition, she is exceptional in creating a safe and enjoyable space. I thoroughly loved this course and will sign up for more with her in a heartbeat.
Hannah M. WORKSHOP  I have completed multiple workshops with Naeco Studio, and each has been an incredible and truly unique experience! I completed a New Year’s Eve reflection workshop last year, and over a year later, I still think about Jessica’s prompts and what I learned about myself through the session. Her thoughtful, encouraging, and gentle guidance plant a seed in participants’ heads and open their minds, but she leaves the perfect amount of room to allow each person to explore what they need to explore in a safe environment. I also worked with Jessica in a collaborative capacity, as she generously donated her time to lead a workshop for my volunteer organization. Jessica was organized, prepared, professional, thoughtful, and went the extra mile to create a session that would meet the needs of our organization. It was our best-received event of the year. I can’t say enough good things about Jessica and Naeco Studio, and look forward to working with/learning from her in the future. 
Paige B.
I have worked with Jessica from Naeco Studio both personally and professionally. Jessica led a virtual workshop on wellness through art for 10C Shared Space’s Connecting Circles program, which was thoughtful, fun and very well facilitated. I have also hired Jessica for Personal family portraits. In all capacities Naeco Studio has been professional, well organized, inclusive and flexible. They are a joy to work with.
Sage S. WORKSHOP  I have attended numerous workshops and activities organized by Naeco Studio online and in-person and I have purchased many pieces of artwork by them as well. I have always been beyond impressed and warmed by my experiences. I had never thought about using art as therapy before I became aware of Naeco Studio and I am very grateful to now have the knowledge that by simply drawing, painting, and much more, I can carry myself through difficult times and express myself creatively even if I am not a professional artist. One of the workshops I attended by Naeco Studio was at the very beginning of the pandemic where everything was confusing and difficult. Naeco Studio gave weekly prompts about different artistic exercises to complete for several weeks and each one encouraged me to explore myself emotionally and creatively, being a very positive and healing experience overall, especially because it was at the very beginning of the pandemic. Even by hosting an event at the very beginning of the pandemic where everyone is struggling and making adjustments, shows how passionate and motivated the company is about reaching out and helping others in their community using art therapy. Naeco Studio is very inclusive and I have always felt comfortable reaching out to ask questions. I am looking forward to seeing this company grow and as a result, seeing more people benefit from workshops by Naeco Studio.
Hannah C. ART  I am always so excited to see what you post on your Instagram. Especially your poems I think you are very talented and I appreciate how much you give back to Guelph community. You are very inspiring and it is a pleasure seeing your posts everyday 🙂 ! 
Katherine T. WORKSHOP  I have attended Naeco’s art workshops in the past and it was a great experience!! Jess created a fun, comfortable, accommodating and thought provoking environment for everyone. I left feeling inspired and more curious about the world/ myself, definitely would recommend 👍 thanks Jess! 
Adam K.
Stellar community-based initiatives, wowee.
Stacey A.
I enjoyed both the process and the final results of my photoshoot with Jess from Naeco Studio. We discussed expectations for the “creative headshot” session ahead of time, but she was also open to experimenting with changing scenery and a wide range of poses. She was able to capture something of my true nature in the resulting image series. I would highly recommend hiring them for this type of project! 
Emil W.
Naeco was such a pleasure to work with. She made the photo shoot fun and easy, taking away the pressure that can be felt when you’re in front of the camera. The results were outstanding – would recommend her services to anyone looking for quality headshots.
Jenna V.
Jess documented my portfolio, around 40 works. She was through in how she shot my work, making sure I was satisfied with the results as we went. The editing was excellent & timely. I will definitely have Jess update my portfolio in the future!