Naeco Studio aims to intersect art and community care.    


I founded Naeco Studio in 2018 to amalgamate my artistic practice with my passion for community. When people ask me what I do, I have a difficult time providing a concise ‘elevator pitch’...

I am an interdisciplinary, conceptual artist, photographer, and writer who puts their practice out into the world. More than making art or offering photoshoot services, I've grown fond of facilitating accessible art-making for others. I lead art classes and workshops for individuals and groups. I utilize creativity as a catalyst for activism, community care, and intervention. Many of these projects are peppered throughout my website. I am also conducting Art Psychotherapy [DTATI Candidate] (details below) with supervision and insurance through the Toronto Art Therapy Institute (CRPO recognized).

I’ve always been an artist. That feels like the right place to start. Growing up in rural Ontario makes a kid creative. Art has been a way of regulating, expressing, and connecting for me as an individual.

The word “Naeco” is ocean, backwards. Coming up with a name for an organization, before you know exactly which direction you’re sailing towards, is a fickle effort. But the ocean felt like an adequate metaphor for both the healing process and the creative process. To flow and to take shape, to float and also crash, to form and resolve. The unpredictable curls of the water lapping into themselves... turning inwards and pushing forwards. The ocean is a force of nature, as is our innate urge to create and solve.

Beyond my proneness towards creative expression, Naeco Studio was also formed out of necessity. My life experiences and the areas of education that I have completed had massive influence on the communities I strive to serve and the methodologies through which I do so.

I am queer, neurodivergent, and live with a chronic illness/ physical disability. I have lived experience with precarious housing, am an abuse survivor, and have had my battles with mental health. So when I tell clients/community that I prioritize marginalized needs and continually refine my cultural humility; I mean it with my whole heart. Putting this in writing is both a commitment towards expanding my learning and a promise to move at the pace of trust with all whom I work with. My identity informs the work I do.

My education has also shaped my understanding of how to provide services and inspired radical shifts in my thinking. It has proven to me, time and time again, that creativity is an innately human drive that deserves time and space in our lives, and that artistic expressions have remedial capabilities.

I graduated from the University of Guelph in 2022 with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) double-majoring in Studio Art and Philosophy.

I am currently a student at the Toronto Art Therapy Institute [DTATI Candidate] which is recognized by the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. Having completed my coursework, I am conducting my 700 hours as a student art therapist, writing my thesis, and dreaming of the future where I can offer private practice through Naeco Studio...

In the meantime, here is a list of services I currently offer:

Workshop facilitation: Arts-based, individual or group, singular or ongoing

Art lesson facilitation: Focus on improving a particular artistic skill or expanding approaches to art-making, individual or group, singular or ongoing

Community-care initiatives: Events, activism, accessible offerings to community focused on informed needs/ healing / expression

Photoshoots: Professional photography services

Art work/ writing: Previous art work for purchase, also available to hire on commission basis

Art Therapy: [DTATI Candidate] Facilitating Art Hives and Art Psychotherapy services for groups and individuals through a given agency. Clinical supervision and insurance provided by the Toronto Art Therapy Institute for all approved placements. Yes- I can run an Art Therapy group at your place of work! Please get in touch for more information.

Art Curation: Managing installation and curation of local artworks for local businesses, available for contract.

Ongoing questions that come up in my practice…

What would it look like if sliding-scale prices allowed disenfranchised people to access care and creativity? What if client-centered approaches were the norm? Which demographics are neglected by therapeutic spaces? Is therapy a collaboration? How can I enable children to be artistic, unabashedly? How can I do that with adults? What does art have the capacity to achieve in public spaces? How do photoshoots make people feel seen, beautiful, and centered? What bonds a community? How can creativity heal hurt after a rupture? Where are its limits? How can creative expression embolden empathy? What are my weak spots as a facilitator that I need to alleviate, what resources do I have to do so? How do I impact the land, how can I give back to it? How do I better maintain a culturally humble approach with the people I work with? How can I churn my privileges into giving? How much more curiosity do we owe one another’s perspectives? When is it my place in the community to name harm, and how do I assist in the responsibility of collective remedy? How can I honour my neighbours doing the work with me? How do I hold space for hard feelings in the room? How can I learn to respond from an informed place? How do I give at a high capacity and still fill my own cup? What is the dance between being human and professional? How do I move at the pace of trust? 

You can see these considerations in-the-works through the community care page. It’s a journey. Thanks for joining me.

Last updated: May 2024.


Naeco Studio // Jessica Wilson


 Bachelor of Arts, University of Guelph 
Double-major undergraduate completed in Studio Art and Philosophy, with honours (2022) 
[DTATI Candidate] Toronto Art Therapy Institute (present)
Coursework completed, accumulating practicum hours of art psychotherapy and completing thesis

Galleries & Art Displays

•Juried Art Show (JAS), UoG, 2019
•Juried Art Show (JAS) UoG, 2020
•Juried Art Show (JAS) UoG, 2021
•Juried Art Show (JAS) UoG, 2022
Over/Under Exposure, exhibit, 2019
Bereavement series, exhibited in conjunction with Photo IV contemporaries at UoG
Manifold, exhibit, 2021
Paths of Least Resistance series, exhibited in conjunction with Specialized Studio contemporaries at UoG, collaboratively curated exhibition
HOOP-LA, Necessary Arts, exhibit, 2021
Beautiful Basilica piece on display among 50 other local artists
•Alice Street Clubhouse TV, 2021-present
Video piece Yet So Far, made in collaboration with Emil White and Grant Darling, on public display after juried acceptance to the clubhouse TV
Art in the Bullring, 2021
Displayed original work Panus Conchatus, a digitally manipulated photographic work, for juried and public viewing
•MFA Open Studios 2022, Specialized Studio Artist
Exhibited personal studio to showcase completed and in-progress work as a part of the Specialized Studio program at the University of Guelph, open to the public
Threshold, exhibit, 2022
Installation of a domestic space to read, paired with an original poetry anthology titled Unfurl, exhibited and curated in conjunction with Specialized Studio contemporaries at the Boarding House Gallery in Guelph 
Give a Sh*t, JAYUxGuelph immersive arts festival, 2022
Exhibited original poem relevant to social justice themes festival portrayed
Numerous rotating art work at Cornerstone, 2023
Several pieces of art displayed for sale on a month-to-month basis at the Cornerstone restaurant in Guelph. 

Funded Project Leading

• Maplewoods Centre for Family Therapy and Child Psychology, Guelph (2021-2022)

In collaboration with a team of employees at Maplewoods and Outlet Collective, led four community-made mural developments from the planning process to execution. Researched art and therapy modalities, sought out funding, hired on undergraduate and community members to paint, guided workshops for muralists, provided documentation and advertising 

Publications & Mentions

•WATsnew, Homer Watson House & Gallery, Fall 2019 magazine, volume 5, issue 4, pg. 2
Interview regarding time spent as a youth art instructor at the gallery
•Guelph Arts Council (GAC) article, 2022
“Bridging Worlds and Nurturing Connections: The Mural Project at the Maplewoods Centre for Family Therapy and Child Psychology” write-up on recipient(s) of the Youth Opportunities Award and corresponding mural project
•Guelph Mercury Tribune article, 2022 
“Guelph Arts Council award goes to U of G mural project” write-up on Maplewoods mural project
•Kaleidoscope Magazine, CASU, 2019, Issue 18, page 16 & page 22 
Two original poems published: Isles and Un-Title-Able
•Otherwise Studios, “People Doing Cool Things: Support Local, Shop Small” 
Shoutout to local small businesses with arts-based offerings
•Vocamus Writers Community
Writer bio as a member of Vocamus Writers Community
•College of Arts “Grypholio”, 2021
Write-up on series Layers of Cannon made in collaboration with Katherine Topping
•Flora: Undergraduate Philosophy Journal Vol. 1 No. 1, published 2022
Published essay titled Beyond Deference: Standpoint Epistemology as Intersectional Intervention in a collaborative, annual, peer-reviewed philosophy journal hosted through the McLaughlin Library OJS platform,discourse%20at%20the%20undergraduate%20level.
•Unfurl, original poetry anthology, published 2022
Self-published and available through Amazon or locally in Guelph at the Bookshelf. "Poetry anthology composed throughout 2020-2022. Oozing with vulgarity and vulnerability through abstractions of personal life. Unfurl is an unorthodox opening-up-of piquant expressions through emotive punches.

Practicum Placements [ Student Art Therapist @ TATI ]

•Grief and Loss Group Art Therapy at Full Circle Art Therapy Centre, 2023
Co-facilitating Student Art Therapist for an Art Therapy group for 8 weeks through Full Circle Art Therapy for individuals within Ontario experiencing bereavement.

•Anxiety Group Art Therapy at Full Circle Art Therapy Centre, 2023
Co-facilitating Student Art Therapist for an Art Therapy group for 8 weeks through Full Circle Art Therapy for individuals within Ontario living with anxiety.

•"Creating Room for Comfort" Group Art Therapy at St. Joseph's Hospice of London, 2022 & 2023
Co-facilitating Student Art Therapist for a two rounds of a 6-week Art Therapy Group offered through St. Joseph's Hospice of London for their recently bereaved clients, many of whom were caregivers. 


•Zavitz Art Store, 2020
Showcased original works for sale at student-run art store
•Guelph Market, December Nights, 2021
Featured vendor at market, sold original works

•Kindred Connections, Coffee, and Poetry Night, @ Sage Wellness Queen St. West, 2022
Featured vendor at writing-based market, sold original poems, prints, and poetry books, had the pleasure of performing my poetry to attendees 

•Parking Lot Party, 2023
Featured vendor at event catered to supporting local artists and businesses. Sold poetry anthologies, zines, original art, and more 


•Introduction to Art as Therapy: Group Session (2019)
Naeco Studio facilitated introductory workshop at Otherwise Studio to introduce elements of art therapy.
•Art Regulation at Home: Two-Week Online Program (2020)
Naeco Studio designed artistic daily prompts which participants received each day for a two-week period. This was a response to a lack of creative and mental health services available during the pandemic.
• Enactus + Lang School of Business + MWMC (2020)
‘Movember’ Men’s Mental Health Stressbuster: Sustainable Paint Night, conducted research, organized, and led virtual workshop.
•Central Student Association, UoG, Mental Health Monday (2020)
Naeco Studio led virtual workshop for undergraduate students to try artistic methods of honouring their mental health through circumstances of the pandemic.
•“Write Your Heart Out” Take-Home Writing Therapy (2020)
Naeco Studio designed portable kits of writing therapy exercises for participants to complete from home.
•“Activism By Artists”, free workshop to Guelph community members (2020)
Naeco Studio conducted one hour of artistic exercises with the group and two hours of productive discussion relating to artists offering their skills in a time of social need. Space was dedicated to sharing ideas on how to sustain advocacy efforts.
•“No Resolutions; Reflections”, virtual workshop (2020)
Naeco Studio facilitated a virtual workshop of guided art and writing prompts to focus on self-compassion and reflections on the year previous.
•10 Carden “Connecting Circles: Art as Therapy” (2021)
Naeco Studio led a virtual discussion of artistic therapy benefits and introduced exercises for folks to try at home. Space was prioritized for adults and seniors in the Guelph area experiencing isolation.
•“Discovering Your Grief” workshop collaboration with Tash Gray (2021)
Naeco Studio collaboratively led a virtual workshop for those experiences grief that needed processing especially in a climate without proper funeral services. Art and text-based exercises were conducted to address various forms of grief.
•Maplewoods Muralist Training and Collaboration Workshop (2022)
Naeco Studio, in collaboration with Alexa Collette and Maeve Hind, guided a workshop for muralists accepted on our behalf for the Maplewoods Mural Project. Workshop involved integrating various submissions into collaborative pieces, training on digital design software, and generating group expectations as a team.
•Introduction to Art Therapy & Community Care Workshop / Information Session (2022)
At the Orangeville District Secondary School, presented an informational introduction to the field of art therapy, including how to  accessing art therapy in the area, a synopsis of my journey to finding art therapy, and some introductory exercises on what one might expect in a clinical setting. 
•Community Canvases: Collaborative Art-Making for Community Care (2022)
Naeco Studio, in collaboration with Outlet Collective, orchestrated a workshop as a response to a pre-existing initiative by supplementing a creative touch. The evening involved guided art warmups leading to collaborative abstract mark-making on 30+ canvases. These canvases were donated to the Grace Gardens Permanent Supportive Housing Initiative in Guelph, which provided permanent homes and living supports for 30+ folks in the community to alleviate them from the housing crisis and the over-crowded, short-term shelter support alternatives. By inviting community to make mindful, collaborative art for these spaces, it was our hope that individuals would find their new homes to feel less clinical and more warm/encouraging.

Fine Art” Teaching Experience

•Art Instructor at the Guelph School of Art: Exploration of the Self Series, 2023

Naeco Studio instructed an art series over the course of 3 weeks at the Guelph School of Art for adults who signed up for the Exploration of the Self Series. Naeco Studio designed the workshop to re-introduce art to artists as more than a mode of mastery, but rather, a way of being and expression that is innate and cathartic. Participants were encouraged in many ways to use artistic modalities as a process for expression and going inwards, as oppose to the expectation that artistic efforts must be for skill gain or monetary outcome. The exploration was a multi-media effort, and involved group sharing and fruitful discussion regarding the process and pieces made.
•Lead Art Programmer and Instructor at The Learning Common School, Etobicoke, 2023

Naeco Studio designed a curriculum and taught Friday art classes at the TLC school with these main themes in mind: connection, belonging, expression, conflict resolve, expansion, nature, and aesthetics. The Learning Common is a private school for students with learning exceptionalities not always supported effectively in the public funded school sphere. For instance, many youth at TLC have Dyslexia, ADHD/ADD, Autism/Asperger’s spectrum, or Specific Learning Disabilities in reading and writing. The goal was to provide a space for fun and meaning-making through a creative outlet. Students age ranged from 8-13 years.
•Private Lessons: One-on-one Art Classes

Naeco Studio has taught art to individuals in a variety of settings. Depending on the client's needs and creative goals, Naeco Studio can design and implement artistic teachings. Sliding-scale and material-inclusive options available. Please get in touch for more information.

Conferences & Panels

UoG Campus Open House (2018)
Youth Climate Action conference, organized by Emily DeSousa (Seaside with Emily), Mike Schreiner (Green Party), and MWMC (2019)
START Accessible Panel, through Student Accessibility Services, UoG (2018)
Bachelor of Creative Arts Therapies Committee (running title), student representative, School of Fine Art and Music department, UoG (2019-2022)

Certifications and Training

Non-exhaustive list, inquire directly for specifics
  • Certified in Standard First Aid and CPR/AED, Level C, valid through 2022-06-17
  • Childcare certified (2014)
  • WHMIS, Smart Serve, and Worker Health and Safety certified
  • Certified Elderly Caregiver through Warm Embrace Elder Care (WEEC)
  • Qualified to instruct the Tiered Exercise Program for elderly and physically disabled individuals through WEEC
  • Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) in Arts and Culture from the CDSB of Eastern Ontario (lighting and sound equipment maintenance certification, stage make-up, dance, and vocal training)
  • Certified Peer Helper for students with physical and mental disabilities through UofG’s Student Experience
  • Suicide prevention training through Living Works Education
  • Understanding Human Rights & Workplace Sensitivity Training (AODA Edition) 
  • Workplace Violence and Harassment Training for Employees (Ontario)
  • Anti-Oppression & Anti-Racism award in Principles of Belonging: course completed and badge received from the University of Guelph
  • Sexual and Gender Based Violence Awareness Training completed and badge received from the University of Guelph
  • Professional training in Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Capture One, Sketch-up, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel
  • Specialized training in film development, processing, darkroom printing, and scanning 35mm film, large and medium format, as well as photogram and cyanotype printing
  • Specialized training on Epson print software for professional photography prints
  • Trained vocalist 5+ years
  • Trained on kiln safety and beginner pottery
*[DTATI Candidate]: In-progress thesis and hours at the Toronto Art Therapy Institute, recognized by the CRPO.

Awards & Grants

• University of Guelph Entrance Scholarship (2017)
• Youth Opportunities Award, through Guelph Arts Council (2021)

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