Email: [email protected]
Phone: (1) 613-362-5702
Instagram: @naecostudio
Location: Guelph, Ontario Canada

Copyable forms available below to speed up process quote/booking process for those who know roughly what they are looking for. You can copy the text from a given form, paste it into your email or instagram message to me, and fill in your answers before sending! If this is not accessible to your needs, please reach out with a more general inquiry and we can go over these details together later on in the process.

Photoshoot Form
  1. Your name.
  2. What type of photoshoot are you looking for? (Example: music venue, engagement, etc.)
  3. Is this photoshoot for a business or personal affairs?
  4. When would you like to book a photoshoot? (Example: specific date and time, or general time period)
  5. Do you have a specific or general budget? If so, please specify.
  6. How many people will be photographed?
  7. What will the location be? Are there multiple? (Note: If you require a physical studio to have your photographs taken in, I can arrange to book this for you)
  8. How many final edited images are you looking for? (Example: 3-5, or, 70-100)
  9. Are there any accessibility-related accommodations that I can provide?
  10. Is there any other information you can provide in advance to help me estimate a quote?

Art Lesson(s) Form
  1. Your name.
  2. Are you seeking a one-time arts lesson, a fixed number, or ongoing?
  3. Who are the lesson(s) for? (Examples: one individual, a classroom of children aged 8-10, a group home, community event, etc.)
  4. What is the goal of the art lesson? (Examples: to improve artistic skills, to learn a new medium, to get out of an artist-block, to try something new)
  5. Do you have a budget? If so, what is it approximately?
  6. Are you seeking in-person or virtual lessons? If in person, is it in a public space, personal space, or would you require Naeco Studio to provide a space to meet?
  7. Do you have artistic mediums you’d like to use or would you require that Naeco Studio supply them?
  8. Is there a particular style or medium you are interested in?
  9. Would you like any clarity on my credentials or areas of specialization pertaining to art?
  10. Are there any accommodations I can provide for accessibility?
  11. Any other questions / concerns / information you’d like to provide that can help me send you a quote:
Arts-Based Community Care Initiatives / Workshops / Event Facilitation
  1. Your name.
  2. The organization or group that this event/workshop is occurring through?
  3. What individuals will it be serving? (Example: students with physical disabilities enrolled at the University of Guelph, staff at a not-profit, clients who access donated food programs)
  4. Do you have any ideas of what you would like to be facilitated or are you open to suggestions? Please elaborate. (Examples of previous workshops and events I’ve run can be found on my website, but I am always open to new ideas)
  5. Is the workshop/event/initiative planned to occur on a specific date? Is there a date range that will require a multi-day, ongoing commitment of my presence? Please provide a brief description of the scope of timeline.
  6. Is the event in person or online?
  7. If in person, do you have a location for this event, or would you like Naeco Studio to book an event space based on your needs?
  8. Do you have any pre-existing informed consent processes/forms if there are participants? If so, please be prepared to provide me a copy.
  9. Is there a grant or budget associated to this event? Relatedly, what cost is to be allocated for my involvement?
  10. Do you have supplies for this event or is there a supplies budget that Naeco Studio can oversee?
  11. Are there other organizations or individuals I will be collaborating with directly?
  12. Are there any other details you can provide me to help generate an accurate quote for you? Or any additional questions you have for Naeco Studio?