2021, Experimental Installation + Accompanying Text

1. Two subjects mirroring. They both reflect light. One emits, the other absorbs. Digital, man-made agents. This is what happens when you live-feed the absorber back into the emitter. The creation of a light loop. You cannot control the amount of light since it continues to eat itself and remake itself; proliferating. A circle. A circle that blurs any start or end. A circle that draws itself. This moment copied and pasted itself back onto itself and onto itself. Made possible by my hand’s intentional angles. Engaging the lenses to stare at each other. Oppositional and symmetrical. A dyad of giving and taking.

2. As a child, I decided that the creation of the universe had something to do with the analogy of two mirrors facing one another. In my philosophy degree I focused on Metaphysics. I longed to make Space and Time quarrel. One can play God through technology. Make the mirrors hiss at each other! And thus at themselves! I willed to connect their organs and confuse their separation. If a snake could succeed at eating its own tail there would be an infinite light explosion. Or a black hole. Something significant enough to start everything and end anything. Though projectors emit light, they have limits. Output settings preventing new universes. Though cameras digest the light you feed them, they cannot handle their own reflection. I am frustrated by tangential shadows. And titles. And accompanying bodies of text.

3. Space and Time need one another. Existence tangle. Objects endure within the cuddle of a moment and occasions require places to sprout. Both dust specks and mighty stars are here or were here due to the cradling of Space and Time as their primordial dance instructors. Ontological grounds. They can acknowledge the existence of one another thanks to Light- a fundamental bridge.