Poetry anthology + digital art inserts, manuscript stage, 2022

Unfurl includes poems written during the years 2021-2022. It is one of the most significant things I’ve created because it’s raw and full of my own life. Thematically, the cohesion lies in the vulgarity and vulnerability found in each poem, but the subject matter varies drastically. Chronic illness, religion, a dominatrix alter-ego, metaphysics, and other forward topics.

I paired each poem with a digitally manipulated collage, ran through several artificial intelligence masks, to generate uncanny, mystical illustrations. The imagery provides each poem with a visual resting point that can inspire context or perhaps confuse it.

Unfurl is currently in the manuscript stage and has not been published officially. Below are some excerpts from the manuscript. Post-publishing, more details about the book and where you can purchase it will be made available.

More poetry written by Jessica / Naeco Studio can be found on instagram @naecostudio.